IZAR Odyssey — Embark on an Epic Journey with Us

4 min readJun 14, 2023


The IZAR Odyssey is an exciting journey designed to onboard users to experience the IZAR cross-chain protocol, which allows for seamless transfers between Ethereum and Aleo. As part of the Odyssey, we will be launching two types of NFTs to users who help us reach specific milestones. The first type is the Odyssey Crusader, which will be awarded to all members when the total transaction volume hits 10k. The second type is the Legendary Odyssey, which will be awarded to all members when the total number of users on IZAR reaches 10k. These NFTs will serve as proof of the collective effort and reward users for their contributions to the IZAR development course.

Why IZAR Odyssey?

The primary goal of the IZAR Odyssey is to gather a sufficient number of users to help us with our Genesis testnet by providing valuable feedback and running stress tests. We believe that the more users we have, the stronger our network will be. Our users will also be valuable asset to the Aleo ecosystem as the mainnet launch is expected later this year.

Additionally, by inviting the broader Web3 community to participate in the Aleo ecosystem through IZAR, we are able to build a more scalable and inclusive platform that is accessible to more than just a handful of hardcore developers and cryptography researchers. By supporting the IZAR Odyssey, you are helping to contribute to the future of decentralized technology and enabling its growth and success.

Everything You Need to Know about IZAR Odyssey

IZAR Odyssey isn’t just a testnet event; it’s a community-driven initiative that brings together the collective wisdom of Web3 users. This month-long event marks a pivotal stage in our journey towards launching the mainnet as we will constantly optimize the user experience, educate new users, and gather market feedback.

Event Schedule (June 14 — July 31)

  • June 14: Launch of the Genesis testnet (Stage 1), primarily for early OG users
  • Late June/Early July: Full testnet open to all users, welcoming broader users and contributions

Throughout this process, we’ll also be releasing a limited number of whitelists through partnerships.

3 Limited POAPs to Claim

To commemorate our significant milestone event, we’ll be using POAP to represent your involvement in three different stages of the Odyssey:

Odyssey Explorer: When users complete their first 2-way cross-chain transfer (bridging ETH between Aleo and Sepolia), they’ll receive an Explorer POAP, created in partnership with TaskOn. This POAP serves as the foundation for the other two future POAPs and can also be used to further replace Genesis whitelist spots.

Odyssey Crusader: This marks a pivotal transition point, celebrating our victory in passing the IZAR stress test and maintaining a certain level of stability.

Legendary Odyssey: This represents the ultimate victory of the Odyssey, signifying the collective effort of the IZAR community in achieving our ultimate user milestone in the testnet phase.

Participants can later choose to dissolve these POAPs at various stages of our milestone event, with the Odyssey Explorer, Odyssey Crusader, and Legendary Odyssey POAPs all being distributed to participants. These POAPs will also be used as a basis for future airdrops, and the weight and importance of each milestone will determine eligibility for these airdrops.

What is the Goal for Odysessy?

Our goal for this epic campaign is to reach 10,000 active users. While this may seem like a daunting task, especially in a bear market, we are confident that with the continued growth of the Aleo ecosystem and the evolution of our product, we will ultimately be able to achieve this goal.

Why Should I Participate?

The Genesis testnet serves as a crucial phase in the evolution of our project. By encouraging user participation and gathering valuable feedback, we can better gauge our progress and pinpoint any potential issues. This enables us to implement timely adjustments and optimizations, enhancing the project’s quality and boosting its likelihood of success.

We hold our users’ opinions and suggestions in high regard. As we move forward, some testnet participants may even emerge as key partners, thanks to their active involvement and constructive feedback.

We also acknowledge the importance of Odyssey Explorer, Odyssey Crusader, and Legendary Odyssey, as these roles will play a vital role in our future considerations.

In summary, we cordially invite users to partake in our testnet, as we view this as a mutually beneficial endeavor. We eagerly anticipate your participation and feedback, and together, we can propel the advancement of our project.

Key Takeaways of the POAPs

  • Those holding the Genesis Whitelist will be able to claim the Odysessy Explorer POAP upon successfully completing the first 2-way cross-chain transaction.
  • Odyssey Crusader and Odyssey Voyager POAPs will be unlocked as milestones are achieved.
  • Going forward, only these three tiers of POAPs from the Genesis testnet will exist and they will never expire.

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